Red Delicious

I have to start by saying that red is not my favorite color.  I used to really dislike red.  Alot.  Wouldn't wear it, wouldn't have it in my home.  Not even a little bit.  But oh how things have changed!  It started slowly - a little bit of red in the artwork here and there.  A few little accent pieces - a vase here, a little box there.  And now I have a red side table in my living room!  My living room!!!  Crazy, I know.  But I've learned, or maybe just decided, that you need to mix things up.  Shake it up!  Add some pizzazz!  And  red sure does that.

 With that being said - here is my latest favorite creation.  My Red Delicous Dressing Table.


Isn't she pretty?  Don't you just love how the red looks with the beautiful Mahogany?  Yum.

A friend of mine gave me this dressing table.  Yes Gave it to me.  Thanks Nancy!!  I totally owe her.

Nancy had started to refinish this herself, and quit after a few days of hard work.  I must say it was an ugly job.  Stripping all the finish off the drawers and mirror was not fun.  Lots of crevices to get into.  I was so worried while working on the mirror.  It's a lovely beveled mirror with just the right amount of age.  And I've broken a few mirrors in my refinishing days.  Not fun! But I managed to get it done, and it was soooo worth all the hard work!

Look how nice this tweeked Annie Sloan Red (Emperor's Silk with a little Primer Red) looks with the Mahogany.  I think it's so rich and interesting!























I think I'm over my dislike of red.  I have some more red projects on the horizon.  I found this picture of some amazing fabric that is the inspiration for my next red piece.









I came across this beautiful piece of furniture somewhere on the internet, and I'm not sure, but it looks like it is done in a stain.  I'm thinking I could do something similar with a wash of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I'm hoping to try it some day.  Kinda special, don't you think?









And then there are just endless pictures of interiors with little bits of red, big pops of red, and lots and lots of red!  I'm loving the red!!



Are these amazing or what?!


And to finish it all off, we should include some English inspiration.  Who doesn't love a Union Jack?  Or a British Phone Booth?  I'm thinking I need to paint an ugly old leather couch with a Union Jack, using some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  Yes - apparently you can paint fabric with it!  I'll be trying that!



Okay - really, I need to finish with a RED PIANO!!!  I need to do one of these too!!



Okay - I'm done. Really ;)

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