Desperately Seeking Lazy Susan.....

Okay, I'm not sure what that title means, but I found this amazing drum table, which has a lazy susan type top, and that is what I came up with........???

So this drum table is a Duncan Phyfe style table, with some nice Mahogany and some not so nice other wood, and it had this weird ugly leather inlay top. It sat in my living room in the corner for I don't know how long, waiting for a treatment. And it sat. And it sat. So after I did that shabby shabby dresser last week, and had such a nice response, I decided that maybe Lazy Susan should get the shabby shabby treatment too. And so she got it. And I'm not sure if I really like her, or if I really dislike her.

Susan before:


I had attempted something when I first got her - painted the top leather part a dark blue - it wasn't great.














And here she is now:


So what do you think? Is she weird? I seriously can't decide if she is great, or hideous. But either way, I think I like her. I mean the whole stinking table top rotates!! It's amazing. Someone who is reading this blog right now needs to go to La Casa Verde de Granada and buy her and then store all their fun games in the cubbies, and play a game of scrabble on her. When it's your turn, you just spin the whole table top around! Brilliant!


Let me know what you think about her. And if you aren't busy this Saturday, come down and see her, and me at La Casa Verde de Granada where I will be hosting a Furniture Painting Workshop. There are still a few spots left. Hope to see you there.;)

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