Stripes, Stripes, and More Stripes!!

I love, love, love stripes!  So today I'd like to share some fabulous furniture painted with stripes!  There are so many amazing pieces in my files, I think I'll have to do a part two sometime in the near future.

This is one of my favorite striped pieces done by myself. 

 A friend and client of mine, Patti Polucha, told me she was looking for a new coffee table, and asked if I could get her something and paint it.  Patti's house is very "Coastal Living" and I had this round table in my garage and new immediately how I wanted to paint it for her.  She has a few of those picture frames in her house that are made from reclaimed wood, in beautiful beachy colors.  So I painted up this table to go with it all, and it is one of my all time favorites!  I had told Patti that  I really wanted to paint her piano, and she said her mother said absolutely not - it was of course a family piece, so she had to go along with her mothers wishes.  However.....after her mother saw the coffee table, she gave her permission for me to paint the piano!  You can see it here in an earlier blog.

 Anyway - that was my first stripey piece of furniture.  Since then, I've done a few more beachy striped pieces:  



This little teak cart was nothing special as is, but with a few different shades of aqua and white, it is a little more interesting.  And so easy to do!!  No taping - just got out a small  brush and painted random stripes.  Quick and easy, and if you ask me, very cute!














 And who doesn't like Chevron stripes?!!  This one was a little more time consuming - I did have to break out the tape and ruler.  But it really wasn't that difficult, and it really dressed up these night stands.  I would like to do this again - in grey and white, yellow and white, green and name it and white!  Love Chevron stripes!!

 Oh - just one more beachy, stripey table.  Well, actually, it's an Ikea shoe storage piece that I picked up at a garage sale for $2.  And now looks like a million bucks!  Or maybe $20?  :)


And here are some photo's I've found on line, from who-knows-where, that are beautiful and inspiring! 




How fun is this!?  I'm looking for the perfect piece to try something like this!










 I think this desk is really clever and different.  I love the wood showing through on top.  A great treatment if you have a nice piece with some small stains.  Cover the stains with stripes!  


I love this one too!  This was done by painting the drawers black and then using a paint pen to draw this pattern over it.  So interesting and clever!













And how about if we finish up with a stripey painted ceiling!  Oh how I'd love to do this some day!















 So are you inspired?  I am!  I'm going to go get my tape out and start painting.  Have a great week!