Make An Entrance!

I just finished a beautiful piece of furniture, and I was thinking how great it would look in someones entry way.  It would actually look great in MY entry way. :(  I love this painted dressing chest, and it's one of those pieces that will be hard to let go.  But let it go I must. 

Here it is.

This great dressing chest with unique "Charles Knapp" scalloped, pegged dovetails was made between 1871-1900! I finished it with an antiqued, distressed paint finish using Annie Sloan "Provence", mellowed out with some "Paris Grey" and hand waxed it to perfection with clear and a little dark wax.  It has major charm and character. Look at the fabulous details - the original, unique hardware, rarely found today, - the scalloped, pegged dovetail construction, the cute little drawers on top with a perfect little cubbie to drop your keys in.  It would also look great in a kitchen (although Simon - my opinionated husband says no mirrors in the kitchen - I disagree!)  dining area, or in your teenage daughters bedroom.  A really great Valentines gift for your teenage daughter! It will add tons of charm where ever it is put.






Look at the details!
















I love a great entry.  It should be special, as it sets the tone for the whole house.  It should also be functional.  A great piece of furniture with some storage for all that clutter that accumulates by the front door is a really good thing.  And a place to drop your keys and a mirror to check yourself as you are walking out the door are must haves.

I found some pictures of some amazing entry ways to inspire.  Enjoy!






Don't you love a great entry?!  If the above dressing chest would work in your entry way - or any other room in your home - you can contact me at

Have a great day!