Barcelona Baby!

Myself, and many other Annie Sloan Chalk Paint fans and Stockists, have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the newest Chalk Paint color - Barcelona Orange.  Orange is everywhere at the moment.  And I love, love, love it!  At the moment.  It's amazing how my taste changes depending on what's in.

I was about to go pick up my order, and before I left the house I did a quick Craigslist search and found the perfect pieces to break in the new color.  A pair of ugly, dated, boxy nightstands with some AMAZING hardware! 




Yes - that is my dining room table.  That's where it all happens.  Show this to your husbands - they will so appreciate you, and your far more reasonable practices of painting in the garage, basement, etc.  I do clean up for special occasions! :)

So....I put the first coat on, and quickly realized it wasn't quite the right shade of orange.  Not for this piece.  So I added some Emperor's Silk and got the perfect shade.   What do you think?


I know - not the greatest photo.  I barely finished them before I had to work in the shop, so in they went.  No time for staging and proper photo taking.  The usual.  I'm super happy with the way they turned out though.  And did you notice the plant stand in the pic?  I was inspired with the whole asian theme, and broke out the Emperor's Silk.  I'm also really happy with that one!  They are currently available for purchase as La Casa Verde de Granada.  Hurry up - they won't last long!

And now, a little ode to Orange.  I have some amazing pictures to share that will hopefully inspire you to break out the Barcelona Orange.  Enjoy!!